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Mirabel is the Author of the Children’s book

Zeb the fox cub loves to play outside. He wants to find a friend to have fun with. But will humans and dogs chase him?

Jet the puppy dog loves to play outside. He wants a friend to share his adventures with.

Jet has a milk allergy. He must be careful not to touch or drink milk. He mustn’t even lick ice-cream because it has milk in it.

When Zeb meets Jet, he learns about Jet’s allergy. He learns how to be allergy safe aware. What will these two friends get up to?

This beautifully illustrated book includes a sing-along song and exercises to help discover more about allergy awareness.

It can be used as an educational resource to encourage readers to find out more about allergy and allergy prevention.

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Zeb and Jet and the Ice-Cream Calamity is also available to purchase on Amazon

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Zeb and Jet and the Ice-Cream Calamity

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  • Hello world!

    I am a young grandma, a teacher and the eldest daughter of a typical Maltese family. When I turned 20, I married my Sunderland sweetheart and emigrated to the North of England. It was November. I had to re-root in a very different environment to that of the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle. Getting used to the weather, for one! Nestled within me was my deep love for libraries, needlecraft art, home cooking and belonging to a community. Here, the Sunday church coffee morning became my first familiar space.

    As a teacher and mother, I was always very enthusiastic about storytelling, writing and books. I especially loved sharing folktales, fairy tales and legends with my children. Every Saturday morning, we visited our local library, discovering a treasury of books that fired up our imaginations, giving us a passport to countless other worlds. Making up our own tales and poems, we could choose to be whoever and wherever we wanted. Even now, this is something that connects me to my children and grandchildren.

    It’s not too much of a leap from a love of storytelling into writing. But there was a particular incident that gave me the momentum to make it happen.

    My grandson has a potentially life-threatening condition known as IgE Allergy and wherever we go we carry a backpack full of injections and medicines. I was there when, at just six months old, he experienced his first anaphylactic shock.  It was week one of what was supposed to be the weaning adventure but, instead, I watched my daughter holding a very sick baby while the paramedics battled hard to revive him twice as the ambulance raced to the nearest hospital. That day, life as we knew it changed forever. Soon after, I started writing children’s stories.